The School of Overseas Education at Sichuan University:

The School of Overseas Education is set up to teach international students the Chinese language and culture.  It boasts an experienced teaching staff, broad coverage of distinctive courses, advanced facilities, a favorable environment for study and strict management of teaching affairs. In addition to enrolling Masters Students in TCSOL and overseas undergraduates in Chinese majors, it also offers programs of Chinese training to foreign experts and teachers, staff of foreign consular agencies, international organizations, and multinational companies in the Chengdu region, as well as Chinese courses to international students other than Chinese majors. Moreover, the college partners with foreign universities and education agencies in running summer courses and intensive training programs of the Chinese language.

The classes of Chinese language program are taught in Mandarin Chinese, with a focus on language training, and provide students with sufficient knowledge concerning Chinese language skills and necessary background information of Chinese culture.

Each class is allowed to have up to 25 students. Compulsory courses are held from 8:30am to 12:00pm, from Monday to Friday, which include comprehensive Chinese reading, listening, writing and speaking classes. In the afternoons  extracurricular courses and activities are available, such as Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Black-ink Painting, Taiji etc.

During some weekends, the school of overseas education will organize field trips and sight-seeing excursions.

There is no regular course during the summer and winter vacation. 

The college serves as one of the test centers for HSK and Test for Ability to Teach Chinese as a Foreign Language.

The College implements Chinese language study by three levels of difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced), each level has various classes of differing degrees.  The College warmly welcomes foreign students to attend classes which will advance their knowledge of Chinese or to enter into our Chinese Language Undergraduate Major.

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