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Friendly Reminder on 2021 Summer Vacation

Dear Students, 

     2021 Summer Vacation is about to begin. To ensure a safe and happy vacation for all, we kindly remind you to pay attention to below important matters.

1.Pay attention to the expiration date of your resident permit. Students who need to extend their residence permit need to make an appointment with your program coordinator. 

2.Act strictly in accordance with the pandemic prevention regulations of campuses and local communities, maintain a high level of awareness of pandemic prevention and control, and continue to wear masks, wash hands, keep air flow in rooms, not get together with others, keep social distance and have a good personal hygiene. Keep self-temperature measuring twice a day (in morning and evening) and do your health report by 3 pm daily at WeChat“川大微服务” account. If not feeling well, especially having symptoms like fever, cough, short breath, you need to report to your program coordinator and go to hospital immediately.

3.Do not leave Chengdu if not necessary. Students, who need to leave Chengdu, should report to program coordinators in advance. It is forbidden to go to medium or high risk areas without permission from the office. It’s everyone’s duty to avoid risk of being infected and make contribution to the whole pandemic prevention and control.

*You can check on medium or high risk areas at the official Wechat account of the State Council(国务院客户端) .

4.Pay high attention to safe use of electricity. Do not use prohibited high-volume electric appliances like electric stove, and do not change electric wires without permission. Report to dorm staff if find anything unusual.

5.Act in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations as well as SCU’s policies. Violation of national laws and regulations will lead to legal penalties from the judicial department, and given the severity of the offense, students who commit the violation will be given penalties range from a serious warning to expulsion from China. Pay high attention to avoid commonly seen violations including illegal working with student visa, visa expiration, getting drunk and rowdy, and disturbing others in local communities.  

6.It is forbidden to hold, use or sell drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, ecstasy, etc.

7.Abide by traffic laws and regulation, pay close attention to traffic safety. Riding motorcycles is forbidden. Do not over speed or overload when riding an E-bike, always follow the indication of traffic lights when on the road.

8.Do not carry lots of cash when going out. Do not allow strangers staying in your room. Make sure to lock doors, windows and balconies when going out. Refuse any form of sales promotion and protect your personal information. Keep safe of your personal documents, and do not lend your personal documents to others. Always carry a copy of your important documents ( passport etc.).

Emergency contact: In case of an emergency, please contact your relevant teacher when it is safe to do so. Please call one of the following numbers in case you need an urgent help:

Public Security:110  


First Aid:120

Insurance: 4008105199

    We hope all of you keep the above reminders in mind, and wish you all a safe and happy vacation!



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