1. Q: How can I apply for Chinese language study at my own expense in Sichuan University?

A: International students shall register the Online Application System via http://scu.17gz.org/member/login.do

Applicants who have passed the online audit and also been admitted by the University should send your copy of passport and remittance voucher (600 RMB) to any teacher responsible for recruitment of Chinese language students through E-mail.


Registration fees can be paid via bank transfer, but please write down the applicant’s name and purpose during transfer.


Note: No registration fee will be refunded no matter if the applicant is admitted or not.


2. Q: How much is the tuition fee for new Chinese language students? When should I complete the payment? What methods of payment can I use?

A: Tuition fee for Chinese language student is 8250 RMB/semester, which can be paid in cash, by UnionPay Card and via bank transfer on the day of registration. Please write down the applicant's name and purpose during transfer.

3. Q: When is the deadline for online applications for the spring and autumn semester?

A: The deadline for spring semester is December 31st of last year, and that for autumn semester is May 30th of the year.


4. Q: What scholarships can I apply for as a Chinese language student?

A: Chinese Government Scholarships and Confucius Institute Scholarships are currently available for Chinese language students.

For specific application methods, please refer to the following website:


Chinese Government Scholarships:


Confucius Institute Scholarships:



5. Q: Will the university cover insurance for me? How much is the insurance fee?

A: International students studying in China must be covered by medical insurance.


Full scholarship students can enjoy free comprehensive insurance for international students, including Medical Insurance for Accidental Injury, Hospitalization and Medical Insurance, Accidental Disability Insurance and Death Insurance. Hospitals are limited to public hospitals in mainland China.


For more details, please refer to http://www.lxbx.net/, where you can have an understanding of insurance products for international students.


International students without full scholarship (including but not limited to exchange students, students prolonging the study and agreeing to tuition waiver, and MBBS students who have been practicing for less than one year in our university and paying tuition weekly) have to cover comprehensive Insurance for Foreigners in China or overseas medical insurance in his/her home country (relevant certificates issued by insurance companies are required). The university can help to cover the insurance, for which students shall pay 400 RMB/semester.   


6. Q: How can I contact the teacher responsible for Chinese language students?

A: Based on your country’s location, you can contact the following two teachers.

Mr. Luo (responsible for Chinese language students from Asia and Africa):

Phone: 0086-28-85405773, E-mail: bioluo@scu.edu.cn

Ms. Wang (responsible for Chinese language students from Europe, America and Australia):

Phone: 0086-28-85401808, E-mail:xiaolingwang218@163.com

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