Exchange programs of Sichuan University are only open for students recommended by cooperative universities at the current stage. Students interested in exchange programs at Sichuan University should confirm with their home institution whether an exchange program agreement has been signed between the two universities. Exchanged students should file their applications through the online application website of Sichuan University. Should any questions arise during the process of applications, applicants can contact the program director of Sichuan University.


1. Applicants are studying at a university with exchange agreements signed with Sichuan University and have finished at least one year of study at their home institution;

2. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with good physical and mental health and holding valid foreign passports.

3. For applicants who were Chinese citizens and are now foreign citizens, their applications will be handled in accordance with the Notice on Standardizing Acceptance of International Students at Chinese Higher Education Institutions by the Ministry of Education.

Length of Schooling

One to four semesters

Language Proficiency Requirements

1. No language proficiency requirements for applicants of Chinese language courses;

2. Academic courses taught in Chinese: HSK Level 5 or above. Applicants whose highest degree were acquired through a program taught in Chinese can provide, instead of an HSK certificates, a certificate demonstrating the program was taught in Chinese.

3. Academic courses taught in English: applicants who are native speakers of English are exempt from English proficiency certificates. For applicants who are not native speakers of English, their English level should be: TOEFL (scored 80 or above), IELTS (scored 6.0 or above), or other equivalent certificates demonstrating an equivalent level of English proficiency.

Grade Requirements

Applicants’ grade point average during their study at home institution should be no less than 70/100 or 2.3/4.0.

Application Documents

1. A photocopy of the first page of the passport (at least six months before expiration from the date of application).

2. Recommendation letter by the home institution;

3. Academic transcripts (sealed by home institution);

4. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (The examination results should be no more than 6 months from the date of application);

5. Non-Criminal Record Certificate. Applicants should provide a Non-Criminal Record Certificate issued by the local public security authority no more than six months before the date of application.


Application Procedures

1. Applicants file applications to their home institutions;

2. Home institutions recommend candidates;

3. Candidates file applications on the official website of Sichuan University.

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