I. Objectives of Program

Software engineering program is aimed to cultivate the national IT industry pillars and social elites with solid Chinese culture background, extensive general knowledge in software engineering, strong innovation awareness and innovative skills in the IT field and a broad global perspective. In order to promote students' development in ethics, intelligence, athletics, aesthetics and work, this program is focused on cultivating students' capacities of independent thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship, teamwork and social responsibility. By expanding knowledge in the field of software engineering, students are able to integrate the basic methods, tools, and processes of software engineering. Students can gain an in-depth understanding and solutions to the large-scale and complex issues or problems in software engineering through engineering practices and mentors’ project experience. Graduates are qualified for the intermediate or senior positions in both technology and administration in government, enterprises, institutions and other organizations, or they can prepare for further graduate studies.

II. Requirements of Program

Through four years’ studies at university, students can obtain the following learning results and should be capable of:

  1. Applying knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences and engineering;

  2. Designing and conducting experiments, as well as analysis and interpretation of experimental data;

  3. Designing systems, components or processes that meet requirements under realistic constraints such as economy, environment, society, politics, ethnic, health and safety, productivity and sustainability;

  4. Playing a role in multidisciplinary teams;

  5. Identifying, formalizing description and solving engineering problems;

  6. Understanding professional and ethical responsibilities;

  7. Effective communication;

  8. Understanding the impact of engineering solutions on the global, economic, environmental and social environment;

  9. With the knowledge of contemporary issues;

  10. Applying necessary technology, skills and modern engineering tools in engineering practice;

  11. Transforming engineering concepts and theories into practical engineering applications;

  12. Recognizing the necessity of lifelong learning and the ability to engage in lifelong learning.

III. Major Field:Software Engineering

IV. Main Courses:

Fundamental of Programming; Digital Logic: Application and Design; Discrete Mathematics; Introduction to Computer Systems; Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming; Data Structure and Algorithms; Computer Architecture; Operating Systems; Database Systems; Introduction to Software Engineering; Computer Networks; etc.  


V. Basic Schooling:   4 years

VI. Minimum Total Credits for Graduation: 120 credits

VII. Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering

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