Civil Engineering Teaching Plan (2021).pdf

I. Objectives of Program

The Civil Engineering Program educates and prepares students to succeed in the civil engineering profession by providing them with essential theories, knowledge and engineer skills which will enable them to adapt to economic globalization. The graduate will be able to begin a career in the fields of practice in civil engineering, such as design, construction, and engineering management, to perform design, research, construction, education, management or investment in various companies, or in governmental agencies involved in areas of building, transportation, bridge, tunnel and mine construction.

II. Requirements of Program

1.Graduates will have the basic knowledge and literacy of humanities and social sciences. They will be provided with the knowledge of literature, art, ethics, history, sociology and public relations by the advantage of multi-disciplinary in Sichuan University.

2.Graduates will be built on a strong base in mathematics, physical sciences, chemistry, and be awareness of the application and development of the modern natural science.

3.Graduates will be prepared for the core knowledge of civil engineering including engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, structural and geotechnical engineering, engineering material, structural analysis and design, foundation treatment, construction technology and management, engineering survey, structural test skills.

4.Graduates will be able to access to information and process data with the various facilities, and have the necessary written, graphical, and oral communication skills.

5.Graduates will be prepared for practical engineering designs, constructions and managements, and be able to apply the principles of civil engineering to solve practical problems.

III. Major Field:Civil Engineering

IV. Main Courses:

Engineering mechanics, Structural analysis, Reinforced concrete structures, Steel structures, Building design, Bridge engineering.

V. Basic Schooling:4 years

VI. Minimum Total Credits for Graduation:110-120 credits

VII. Degree Conferred:Bachelor of Engineering

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