I. Objectives of Program

The undergraduate program of Tourism Management aims to educate and prepare students for succeeding in the tourism and hotel management areas by providing them with essential theories, knowledge and professional skills, which will enable students to adapt to the current and future professions in tourism against the milieu of economic globalization and cross-cultural communications. Students will have opportunities to develop, promote, and deliver events, design and market tourist facilities and attractions, and engage in and evaluate hospitality encounters. Contemporary issues such as sustainability, innovation and customer service will be explored on local, regional and global levels. The TM program blends cutting-edge research and theory with practical exercises to develop students managerial abilities and business acumen.

II. Requirements of Program

Upon successful completion of this course it is expected that students should be able to:

  1. acquire bilingual (English and Mandarin) and cross-cultural communication skills;

2. articulate an in-depth understanding of tourism theory and practice in a global setting;

3. Apply a familiarity with critical skills and techniques to develop best practice policy and planning for international tourism and hotel management in diverse enterprises;

4. command basic knowledge of Chinese history and culture, as well as the status quo of China;

5. demonstrate a thorough understanding of research methodology and ethics, and an ability to undertake a small, independent research project of relevance to tourism management.

III. Major Field: International Tourism and Hotel Management

IV. Core Courses

Tourism Marketing, Sustainable Tourism, Business Writing for Tourism and Hospitality, Hotel Customer Service, Professional Communication in Tourism and Hospitality, Tourism Industry Placement, Tourism Research Project.

V. Basic Schooling:4 years

VI. Minimum Total Credits for Graduation:110-120 credits

VII. Degree Conferred:Bachelor of Tourism Management

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