[Chinese Language Program of Sichuan University]

I. Program Introduction

Our Chinese Language Program, with a history of over 30 years, has attracted thousands of Chinese language learners from over 60 countries. It enjoys a good reputation of teaching and in that fashion delivers abundant stellar teaching results. In addition to main courses -- integrated Chinese language courses (6-12 class hours per week), there are also individual fundamental skills courses (about 8 class hours per week) which include Chinese listening, oral Chinese, reading and writing. Besides, there are professional Chinese courses for intermediate and advanced level students, including: Chinese phonetics, vocabulary, grammar and ancient Chinese. The Program is committed to improving the cognition of students to the Chinese language system. Meanwhile, language learning is not an isolated process, requiring the students to have an in-depth understanding of China's national condition, culture, history, etc. Therefore, for students with improved language competence, the Program also provides diversified elective courses, including 20 courses such as: Overview of China, Chinese Culture, HSK Course Guide, Business Chinese, Second Foreign Language (Korean, Japanese, German, etc.), Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Chinese Economy, Chinese History, Ancient Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Minority Art, Chinese Folklore and Tourism Culture, Chinese Translation, Chinese Audio-Visual Course, Journals/Newspaper Reading, News Listening, Calligraphy and Tai Chi, all of which can be selected by the students on their own free will. Through various course learning and high-intensity training, students in the Program can gain more comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese language. Students get the chance to pull the curtains behind the culture and national conditions of China and rapidly improve the level of Chinese language within a short time.

The Program is divided into three grades (elementary, intermediate and advanced) and nine levels to fully meet the requirements of students at different levels. At the beginning of the semesters, students will be asked to take a proficiency test. In the principle of giving full respect to the will of students and earnestly considering their learning goals and requirements, the Program is designed to ensure that the students can study in the most suitable classes for them.

II. Course Introduction

The curriculum consists of main courses and elective courses. The main courses are mainly taught in the morning with a total of 20 class hours per week while the elective ones are given in the afternoon. Students can choose elective courses independently according to their levels and interests.

The class levels and course arrangements are as follows:

 (1) Elementary class (Elementary 1, Elementary 2, Elementary 3)

Main courses: 9 courses, such as Elementary Integrated Chinese, Reading and Writing of Chinese Characters and Chinese Listening and Speaking;

Elective courses: 5 courses, such as Calligraphy, Tai Chi and Table Tennis.

Once systematically studying these courses, elementary students will be fluent in basic daily communications with Chinese and be able to read and write some Chinese. After the completion of the program courses, students in Elementary 2 and 3 classes will be apt to pass the examination of HSK3 or 4.

 (2) Intermediate class (Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2)

Main courses: 12 courses, such as Intermediate Integrated Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Basic Chinese Writing, Chinese Reading Comprehension and Chinese Culture;

Elective courses: 13 courses, such as HSK Course Guide, Overview of China, Chinese Minority Arts and Bashu Folklore and Tourism Culture.

A daily revision and study of our curriculum will result with intermediate students fluency and proficiency in reading and writing Chinese. Students will have a deeper understanding of China's national conditions, culture, etc, and develop a more enriched knowledge structure, with their level of Chinese being improved significantly. After completing such program courses, students will be ready to pass the examination of HSK4 or 5. If appropriate in time and ability,  intermediate students can take both elementary and intermediate elective courses at the same time.

 (3) Advanced class (Advanced 1, Advanced 2, Advanced 3, Advanced 4)

Main courses: 14 courses, such as Advanced Integrated Chinese, Advanced Spoken Chinese, Chinese Writing and Modern Chinese Pronunciation;

Elective courses: 20 courses, such as Advanced HSK Course Guide, Advanced Audio-Visual Course, Contemporary Chinese Literature and Chinese Journals/Newspaper Reading.

After study of program courses, advanced students will be able to communicate fluently in Chinese on all kinds of topics, with professional reading and writing skills. Meanwhile, such students will have a deeper understanding of China's national conditions, culture, etc, and develop a more enriched knowledge structure, with the level of Chinese being improved significantly. After completing such program courses, students will be able to pass the examination of HSK5 or 6. If appropriate in time and ability, etc, advanced students can take both elementary, intermediate and advanced elective courses at the same time.

III. Assessment Method, Credit Points, Academic Performance Report

The academic performance consists of: final examination grade (50%), midterm examination grade (30%) and usual performance (20%). Program participants must meet the attendance requirements; those absent for over one thirds of the courses will be excluded from the course assessment/examination.

Those passing the course assessment/examination will get the credit points of corresponding courses, the transcript and academic performance report from Sichuan University.

IV. Application Procedures

     1. When to apply

Any applicant wishing to enroll for long-term or short-term study at Sichuan University should file the application three months before the start of the desired semester.                     

     2. How to apply

All applicants are required to login our website ( of the Student Recruitment of Sichuan University within the specified application time.


V. Qualifications of Applicants

   1.Aged from 18 to 60 years old.

   2.Applications are welcomed from foreign citizens who are in good health and good status. 

   3.For applicants who were Chinese citizens and became foreign citizens, the Notice of the Ministry of Education on Regulating Work Related to the Acceptance of Foreign Students by Domestic Colleges and Universities (JWH [2020] No. 12) will apply. 

   Application Materials

  1.Passport biographical page, and passport with no less than six months validity, applicants currently residing in Chinese Mainland need to provide  the current valid visa or residence permit page;

  2.Certified copy of the highest education certificate or certification of expected graduation (in Chinese or English)

  3.Candidates who have previously studied at a university or college in China should provide behavior records from those institutions as part of their application.

  4.Applicants should provide evidence of financial resources or a letter of financial guarantee from the applicant's guardian or sponsor,which is not required if you've obtained any scholarship from Chinese government;

  5.Foreigner's physical examination form (physical examination shall be completed within 6 months before submission of application);

  6.Certificate of no criminal record (valid at the time of application);


         1. Applicants are required to submit scanned images of all required documents at the time of application. All uploaded documents should be   in Chinese or English; otherwise notarized translations in Chinese or English are required. The original documents, certified translations and financial sources (or affidavit of financial support ).

      2 Basic knowledge of Chinese language or Chinese learning experience is not a prerequisite.

      3 Please be sure to check your email inbox (including the junk mailbox) regularly, and avoid missing a notice requiring addition or correction to your application information/material/document. The application may be rejected in case of any incomplete or inaccurate information in the materials submitted.


VI. Tuitions and Fees

The mandatory tuition and fees for each semester are charged as follows:



Tuition   for each semester


Application   fee


Insurance   fee for each semester


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