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1. Laws and University Regulations

International students should abide by China’s laws, regulations and the rules of Sichuan University.

International students should respect the social morality and customs of the Chinese people.

SCU respects international students’ ethnic customs and religious beliefs, but will  not provide a place for religious service. No religious activities or gatherings are permitted  on the campus.

International students should follow China’s laws and regulations in regard to publications, associations, assemblies, and demonstrations.

It is forbidden to set off fire crackers at dormitories and on campus; students caught doing so will be punished.

Distribution or posting of propaganda materials is forbidden on the campus.

Gambling, public drunkenness, aggressive behavior, and drug usage and trafficking are forbidden.

The disruption of teaching, research work and orderly life is not permitted, nor is it appropriate to stop others from their normal activities required by school rules.

Please do not make loud noise or smoke in your classroom, the students’ center, dining-hall or other public areas.

It is necessary to have a driver’s license and motor vehicle license to drive.Students who drive to school should obtain motor vehicle pass from the University Security Office.


2. Management of Student’s Status


International students should comply with university’s rules: please attend classes on time; absence, tardiness or leaving class early without a valid reason is not appropriate. Being absent from classes to travel is not a valid excuse. Please don’t allow using weekends to travel to affect your studies.


◆Self-Postponement of Study

Selffinanced students who have to postpone study in China due to illness or personal reasons need to go through relevant procedures at the Office of International Students by applying for postponement and obtaining a doctor’s note. With the approval of the Office of International Students and shortened duration for the residence permit, they can start procedures for leaving the school.

The duration of postponement can be from one semester to a full school year. The suspension of selffinanced students who need to fulfill military service should not exceed two years in total.

Credits the student has obtained before postponement will be retained for up to one year (two years for those students serving in the military)

Tuition fees of the semester when the student is applying for postponement of study will not be returned.

Students should resume study on the date indicated on the postponement approval. Students postponing study due to illness should provide their health exam report before returning to their studies. Those who do not resume study in due time will be regarded as withdrawn from the school.



Students who apply for transfer to a new school can complete relevant procedures at the Office of International Students with the approval of their college and the letter of admission from the school to which they are going to transfer.

Students transferring to SCU should register at the Office of International Students with the transfer document of certificate for completion of study and complete the relevant procedures at the Exit-Entry Division of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Public Security.



If a student should wish to withdraw from SCU, then the Application should be first submitted to the student’s college and then reported to the Office of International Students. After receiving the approval of the Office, the student can begin the procedures for leaving the school.

The tuition fee for the semester when the withdrawal application is submitted will not be retuned.

◆Application for Excused Absence 

An application for excused absence due to personal reasons or illness needs to include the relevant materials such as a doctor’s note or proof of admittance to a hospital. The student's instructor or class administrator is authorized to approve threeday leaves; for leaves of three days to two weeks, head administrator of the student’s college can sign approval on the recommendation of the student’s instructor or class administrator; leaves longer than two weeks need the approval of the office of international students with a recommendation by the head administrator of the student’s college. Moreover, a supervisor / instructor’s approval is required for postgraduates. Students who are unable to continue studies due to personal reasons or illness should complete necessary procedures according to the university regulations.


◆Awards and Penalties 

Students who have been abiding by the university’s Academic Code of Honor and have displayed academic excellence will be presented with commendations and awards from the university.

Students who have disobeyed the university's Academic Code of Honor, have been truant or committed vandalism, been involved in physical fights or have conducted other forms of unfavorable acts will, depending on the severity of their offenses, be given a warning, a reprimand, be blacklisted, put under close observation, suspended or expelled.

For the students who have been put under the university’s close observation, their punishment will be lifted if they show signs of improvement within a year. Students who do not display any sign of improvement within the given time limit will be dismissed from the university.

Students’ parents, together with their country's embassy or its representative organizations (in China) will be informed about the charges and the punishments that have been placed on the students if the severity of their offenses requires so.

If an international student has committed a crime/ an illegal act, the Chinese Public Security Administration will be responsible for handling his/ her offense, and he/she will be perpetrated according to the Chinese Law. In addition, the university will charge the student with the appropriate punishment.


3. Procedures for Obtaining Pertinent Documents

Student Identification Card 

◆International students will be given a SCU ID card within a month after their enrollment.

◆The student ID card should be carried at all times. Students are not allowed to lend or alter The ID cards.

◆If the student ID card has been lost or displaced, students should request for a replacement at the Office of International Students. When applying for a replacement be sure to turn in one one-inched bareheaded full-face photo.


Student Card

◆Students should obtain a letter of introduction from the Office of International Students, pay a 200 RMB deposit to the Office of International Students, and then go to the information center to apply for the card.


Certificates and Degree

◆General visiting students and students of language programs will receive their certificate after the completion of their study.

◆Undergraduate and Graduate Students who have obtained enough credits and passed their thesis defense can apply for their certificate and degree.

◆If a translated version of a graduation certificate or degree is required , students can apply for one at the Office of International Students.


Certificate of Study and Transcript 

◆Students may apply for a Certificate of Study at the Office of International Students. (Chinese or English)

◆Transcripts will be issued in either Chinese or English by the student’s college.


4. Part-time Jobs 

International students with X or F visa should not be engaged in business activities. They can apply for a work permit at the relevant department through the Office of International Students, under the prerequisite that the job does not disturb their study. Students must have a signed contract with their employers before applying for the permit. Once they have obtained the work permit from the appropriate governmental department, they can take jobs which fit within the permit’s scope. However, the total work hours should not exceed 8 hours per week. Students are not allowed to work at night clubs and/or other recreational facilities.


5. Motor Vehicle Management 

International students can drive only if they have both a driver’s license and a motor vehicle driving certificate, which should be obtained at the Division of Vehicle Administration of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Public Security.


6. Visiting Family members and Spouses Accompanying Students 

Family members of international students who are going to visit China or accompany the student to China should apply for a visa at their local Chinese Embassy with the following materials; a. Certificate of Study which can be applied for from SCU by providing proof of your relationship with said family member (i.e. .a birth certificate) and a certified balance deposit from your bank. b. Notarized marriage certificate (obtained in student’s home country ) c. Authentication of the marriage certificate (at the Chinese embassy) Accompanying family members who need visa extension should complete necessary procedures with paper work issued by the Office of International Students at the Exit-Entry Division of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Public Security. Accompanying family members cannot exceed the valid stay duration of their residency permit.


7. Regulation on Dormitory Management

Students who live in the dormitory without signing a contract must pay a deposit and housing rental price for short-term renting. The front desk will make the room arrangements. Students are not allowed to swap, sublease, and/or transfer the rooms themselves.

Students are not allowed to have friends or families staying at their dorms overnight. If their visitors need accommodation, they should register at the front desk and check into another room.

Students who are sharing a room with others need comply with any new arrangements provided by the front desk if any of their roommates move out. Otherwise, they should pay for the fee for the vacant bed in their room.

If any repairing or reconstruction is needed in the dorm or individual rooms, students should comply with any room changes deemed necessary by dorm management.

Students should keep quiet and try not to disturb other classmates’ study and rest. Gatherings should be applied for at the Office of International Students one week before the expected event and can only be held after approval is received from the Office.

Students should respect the public facilities and furniture in dorms. If damage, displacement, or defilement occurs, they will compensate the dorms according to the appropriate costs. Electrical heaters and high-power electrical appliances are forbidden in the dorms. Students caught using these kinds of equipment will have to pay fines from 50-200RMB.

Students need to take care of their valuables and room keys. To protect yourself from theft and from starting a fire, when you leave your rooms make sure that the doors and windows are locked and the power is turned off.

Bicycles and electric bicycles should be parked in the designated areas.

Students should keep their rooms clean but never dump trash into toilets or sinks. Students will pay for the cost for unplugging any of the toilets that they clog with trash.

Students should follow the work-rest schedule of the dormitory and return to their dorm before 23:00. If for any special reason a student must return after 23:00, they should inform the guard at the main gate.

Students, who do not renew their contract on time, will have their housing charged by the temporary rental price.

Students must pay for key deposit (200 RMB, returned when they check out).


8. Medical Insurance

The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China stipulates that international students in China must purchase the medical insurance in China. Students must procure themselves the medical insurance from, ahead of the date of registration. For students who do not purchase insurance as required, his/her registration will not be accepted.


9. Notes to the Chinese Government Scholarship Students

The Chinese Government Scholarship is divided into full scholarships and partial scholarships. Scholarship recipients should enroll at the Office of International Students within 10 days upon their entry into China. Monthly living allowance for full scholarship recipients is paid on the 15th (Payment will be in advance if there is a holiday or weekend on the 15th ) of each month, which can only be received by the student in person.

Scholarship recipients who are found carrying diseases forbidden by the Chinese government (including Cholera, Yellow Fever, Plague, Leprosy, Venereal Diseases, Lung Tuberculosis, AIDS, Psychosis ) will have to leave China immediately and pay for their own travel expenses. Living allowance will be suspended during treatment at the student's home country. He/ she can resume study only after a health examination report issued by the local hospital designated by the university indicates his/her full recovery.

Living allowance for full scholarship recipients is paid during leave on valid vacations. No allowance will be paid during unexcused absences or over-extended vacations.

The costs of textbooks designated by the professors will be paid by the students first, and then they can get reimbursement according to the receipts issued by the bookstore which need to be turned into the Office of International Students.

Full scholarship recipients shall go to the university hospital or large public hospitals, such as No. 7 People’s Hospital and hospitals affiliated with Huaxi medical center for medical treatment. Students can have their expenses refunded after they submit their specific receipts from the hospital and prescriptions to the Office of International Students. Expenses from dental work, dentures, filling a tooth, extraction of a tooth, eyeglasses, childbirth or abortion expenses, corrective orthopedics or changes to physiological defects, dietary supplements, and treatment for chronic illness caught before coming to China are not covered by this insurance. Treatment expenses for injuries from criminal offenses, traffic accidents, and self-injurious behaviors should be paid by the student himself/ herself.

Fullscholarship recipients can get reimbursement on hospitalization expenses and insurance claims at the Office of International Students with a certificate of hospital admission/discharge, diagnosis report, check report, receipt of stay in hospital and a copy of their passport. Students who are unable to pay the expenses in advance can submit payment application to the office .

FullScholarship students who need to go to regions which are not open to visitors for field survey first need the permission of their tutors, the student's college, and relevant authorities before leaving for their field study. Questionnaires also need examination and approval by the relevant local authorities. The proportion of expenses exceeding the amount planned for by the student's college for the experiment or internship should be paid for by the students themselves.

University will not arrange a new double room for the visiting spouse of full scholarship students. The visiting spouse can stay in the student's room. If the visiting spouse's visit is over one month, he/she will need a visa extension; they should go to the Office of International Students for related procedures. Families and friends of students who need to stay at the student dormitory should register and pay accordingly.

Full scholarship students who fail the thesis defense can not be granted their certificate and degree. Full scholarship recipients of non degree-granting programs and partial scholarship students whose attendance rate is less than 80% will not&, nbsp;be granted the certificate of advanced studies.

FullScholarship Students applying for scholarship extension should submit their application to both the student's college and your Embassy, General Consulate or Delegation here in China before the end of each March and go to the Office of International  Students with a reference letter from his / her mentor or letter of approval from the consulate for relevant procedures.

FullScholarship students who have been approved to study in China for more than one year must participate in an Annual Review. The university will make a comprehensive review of the scholarship students and their academic records, including learning attitude, lecture attendance, and conduct performance rewards or punishments. Those who fail in the Annual Review will have their scholarship for the following academic year suspended or terminated.

After a FullScholarship Student arrives in China, they are not, in principle, permitted to change their majors, institutions or extend the duration of study specified. If any special circumstance occurs, the student should first obtain the approval from the delegated authority of their home country or the Embassy/Consulate of their home country here in China. The student can then apply to the Chinese Scholarship Council through SCU, and after obtaining the proper permission can change their major, institution, or extend the duration of study specified.

At the beginning of a new semester in September, Chinese Government Scholarship recipients should register at the Office of International Students within the designated time frame. Students should signup to confirm their name on the list of scholarship recipients, which will prevent anything from influencing their receipt of the Chinese Government Scholarship.


Address and TEL numbers of relevant departments:

SCU Office of International Students 

Address: 2nd floor of International Student's Dorm. on the west part of Wangjiang campus 

Tel:86-28-85407199(English), 86-28-85405773 (Japanese);

Fax: 86-28-85405773  Email: nic8202@scu. edu. cn

International Student’s Dorm. on the east part of Wangjiang campus

Address: No.29,Wangjiang Road, Chengdu (right side of the east gate )

Office of the dorm. building : 85412713

Reception Desk : 85412707


International Student' s Dorm. on Huaxi Campus 

Address: No.17, third section of Renmin Road South, Chengdu

Office of the dorm. building : 85501780

Reception Desk : 85501748


International Student’s Dorm. on Jiang’an Campus

Address: No.9 Dorm Building, west part of Jiang’an campus, Office of the dorm. building : 85990772


Information Directory Desk: 85400114

Office of campus security: 85401292

Campus Police: 85460110

Fire Alarm: 119

Traffic police: 110

First-aid center: 120


Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine 

Add: No. 3 Tong -Zi-Ling-Bei-Lu

Tel: 85150790

Wangjiang campus: to Jinxiu Garden by bus No. 76

Huaxi campus: to Tongzilin by bus 61


Exit-Entry Administration Division of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Public Security

Add: at west side of Sichuan Science and Technology Museum in Tianfu Square

Tel: 86407364


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