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Dear Students,

Given the current required measures of disease prevention and control, the beginning date of next semester has been postponed. Please read the following details.

1, Requirements for leaving and entering the campuses

Students who are in China, please follow the protective measures, stay safe and only go outside if necessary. If you have to go outside, wear a mask and take protective measures. Please remain in your current location unless you are going back to your home country.

 1.1) Students who currently live in campus dorms

If you need to leave dorm or campus, please always carry your student ID with you and cooperate with the university staff at the gate of campus or dorm for registration and temperature-taking. The Dorm Management Office will conduct a dorm-check at 11pm every night, students who return to dorm later than 11pm will be denied entry.

 1.2) Students who currently live in off-campus apartments in Chengdu

Please follow the regulations and rules that are implemented for your community and compound for disease prevention and control. Students who live in off-campus apartments are not allowed to enter the campuses.

 1.3) Students who currently stay in other cities in China

Please remain in your current location unless you are going back to your home country. Please try not to come back to Chengdu now, if you have to come back to Chengdu for exceptional reasons, you need to inform the Overseas Students Office at least 15 days in advance so you can recieve detailed instructions.

Students who currently stay outside of China mainland,

Please do not make plan to come back to the university without receiving the official coming-back notice from the Overseas Students Office. If your current residence permit has expired or is going to expire soon, contact the Overseas Students office as soon as possible, we will prepare new admission materials and mail them to you once the current situation is over, so that you can reapply for a student visa and come back to the university.


2, Class arrangement for next semester

Please pay close attention to information in your class group chat that shared by teachers from your respective school and arrange your study, especially online distant learning, accordingly,


3, Cooperation with the university in the work of disease prevention and control

Currently China is carrying out disease prevention and control work nationwide. Your understanding and cooperation on this critical work is required and highly appreciated. It is not permitted to either leave or come back to Chengdu, or move between cities within China. You must finish the procedure for requesting leave if you want to travel.

According to relevant laws, regulations and university rules, there will be consequences if anyone acts against the above instructions.

Please closely follow the instructions and arrangements given by the Overseas Students Office. Please contact the Overseas Students Office for any questions and doubts you may have.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, by working together, we are confident that we can defeat the virus and get back to our normal life soon.


Overseas Students Office

February 11, 2020

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