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The Third Letter to Foreign Students of SCU


Dear International Students,


Thanks to your proactive cooperation over the past month, Sichuan Univeristy has connected with every student to acquaint your current location and health condition. This has been extremely helpful for SCUs work of epidemic prevention and control. Chinas current epidemic prevention work is positive and promising, but, since the novel coronavirus has been spreading worldwide, it still remains a formidable task of epidemic prevention and control, and we need your continuous support and cooperation.


Due to the current situation, Sichuan Universtiy has issued new requirements and expectations for each student:


1. Report your health condition on the Wechat official account “Sichuan University Microservice” everyday.


When the epidemic control measures are lifted, the continuous daily reporting of your health condition will be an essential document for students returning to school when it opens. Sichuan University has the right to refuse entry to students who have not completed the report or have falsified information.


2. Students who are currently outside mainland China, do not return in the near future.


Recently China has found more than 200 cases of COVID-19 that traveled into China from overseas, which exceeded the number cases confirmed in mainland China during the same period of time. Many of them were infected on public transportation (international flights, shuttle buses or taxis). There is a high risk of infection during return travel to China by flight or other public transportation before the novel coronavirus is effectively controlled.


According to the policy of epidemic prevention and control of Chengdu enacted on March 20th, 2020, all who travel (return) to Chengdu from Japan, Korea, Italy, Iran, France, Germany, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Australia, Malaysia, Greece, Czech Republic, Finland, Qatar, Canada, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other high-risk countries or regions including those who have traveled through or stayed in the above-mentioned countries or regions within the 14 days prior to entry are required to undergo an epidemiological survey and nucleic acid test in a designated hotel. Those who receive abnormal results will be transferred to designated hospitals for treatment according to relevant regulations. Those who receive normal results are required to undergo a 14-day centralized medical observation in designated places. All who travel (return) to Chengdu from other low-risk countries or regions are required to undergo an epidemiological survey and nucleic acid test in a designated hotel. Those who receive abnormal results will be transferred to designated hospitals for treatment according to relevant regulations. Those who receive normal results are required to undergo quarantine for 14 days at home or receive observation in centralized quarantine.


The expenses for transportation, accommodation and examination incurred during the above-mentioned process shall be covered by the individual. If infected with COVID-19, those who do not have medical insurance will pay the expenses for their own medical treatment and associated fees.


Regardless of whether you are in a high or low-risk country, please respect epidemic prevention and control measures and protect yourself in accordance with the guidelines of epidemic prevention. If you experience fever, cough or other related symptoms, seek the help of local medical institutions immediately and inform the medical staff of your contact history.


Students who must return to Chengdu for special reasons must report to the Overseas Student Office first. Only on approval from the Overseas Student Office, you may return. On arrival in China, students should truthfully declare their health status and cooperate with customs to complete the health check. Personnel who refuse to cooperate, intentionally conceal or falsely declare the information, resulting in the spread of the epidemic or serious risk of transmission, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than seven years and shall bear corresponding civil liability for compensation in accordance with Chinese criminal law.


3. Students who are currently in Chengdu or other cities in mainland China, please continue to comply with local epidemic prevention and control measures.


Due to the current epidemic prevention and control measures, the exact Sichuan University start of term date has not been decided, and the campus cannot open. Please stay where you are now and obey the regulations of epidemic prevention and control in the local community or international student dormitory.


4. Finish assignments as required, including online course content.


Please follow the instructions and requirements of each school, finish assignments on time, protect yourself, maintain a positive outlook, get ample physical exercise and boost immunity.


During this period, if you have any questions, please contact teachers at the Overseas Students Office for guidance.


We believe that with your full understanding and cooperation, we can overcome the epidemic and return to normal life and study soon.



Overseas Students Office

Sichuan University

March 21, 2020


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