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August 23, 2021


A letter from Sichuan University to overseas international students

Dear students,

We hope the letter finds you well.

The COVID-19 epidemic is still raging around the world. Sichuan University is very concerned for everyone who is outside of the Chinese Mainland and hope you and your families are well. We stand by each other in this time of difficulty.

Over the past few semesters, you have overcome various difficulties, while completing online courses, which is highly appreciated by SCU! We are welcoming hundreds of new SCU’ers in the coming Fall Semester. Congratulations on your upcoming membership to Sichuan University. The warm family of SCU welcomes you!

As international students abroad cannot enter Mainland China for the time being, SCU will continue to conduct online teaching for the new semester. Please pay attention to the website of the International Students Office, official WeChat account, emails and messages from your teachers. You are asked to complete various matters such as registration for the new semester under guidance from the faculty.

With the application of online courses, the university will do its best to overcome all sorts of difficulties and try to ensure that online teaching and offline teaching are substantially equivalent. As the new semester is about to start please make adjustments as soon as possible and prepare for your studies. You must cooperate with the teachers during the new semester, listen carefully to the class, focus on your studies and do a good job of online learning and independent offline learning under the guidance of your teachers or mentors.

At the same time, if you encounter any difficulties in online learning, you can promptly report to the teachers or faculties in the Overseas Students Office. We will then discuss it with the relevant schools and faculties to help solve any problems as much as possible.

In order to protect your health and reduce the risk of infection, we sincerely remind you to pay attention to the epidemic situation in your locality. Please actively cooperate with the local government departments in carrying out epidemic prevention and control measures, perform personal protection and minimize unnecessary activities.

We believe that the current difficulties are temporary. No matter where you are, we hope that you will keep in mind that there is the strong backing of Sichuan University behind you. Let us maintain our confidence, take care of our health, move forward hand in hand and greet the new semester with a positive and healthy attitude and solid and powerful actions.

We wish you all good health and academic progress!

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