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South African student positively assists in fighting against epidemic in city

After the COVID-19 epidemic-haunted winter, Chengdu will witness the Qingming Festival around the corner. A student from South Africa studying Chinese in the city volunteered to assist local residents in fighting against the epidemic, without standing aside as a spectator.


Brosnan, a student of the Overseas Education College of Sichuan University, served as the director assistant of the expat community at Tongzilin International Community’s Neighborhood Center. He participated in quite a lot of volunteering activities and provided foreigners with all kinds of help. During the outbreak of epidemic, he was actively engaged in the fight against the viruses at the front, “breathing and sharing the destiny” with local residents.” He assisted the communities to translate relevant epidemic prevention and control information into English, bridging the gap between local people and foreign friends, and reminding the latter to take the nucleic acid test, learn about the latest policies, and even check the color of their health codes. In nearly one year of taking this position, Brosnan expressed that “he wanted to do something in the prevention and control of the epidemic as a foreigner studying and living in the city.”

Brosnan has become familiar with the volunteering activities, and accumulated lots of experience in building a new-type international community and making friends with foreigners from all over the world. Once, he assisted the community near Tongzilin to hold the first Open Day for Foreigners. Such activities combining interesting cultural exchanges and community construction will facilitate the participation of more residents, and increase the sense of belonging of foreigners, he noted, adding that “in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the participants will not feel bored, and we can also bring to it novelty.”



As a result, Brosnan has not only got more chances of learning Chinese, but fully demonstrated the significance of languages in communication. He believed that foreigners should more positively engage into local communities and overcome difficulties together with local residents. As times passes, Brosnan has developed a more profound feeling for this city, especially its historical culture and inclusiveness. He hopes that he can stay and work in this city after graduation, and then pursue a master’s degree. We earnestly hope is dream can be realized!

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