Civil Engineering Teaching Plan (2021).pdf

Degree Plan of English-Teaching Program on Civil Engineering 


1. Objective

Civil Engineering in Sichuan University aims to culture professional engineers, researchers or managers in civil engineering field, who should have solid professional knowledge, strong innovation consciousness, board international vision and to be social elite. Majoring in civil engineering undergraduate students should have noble professional ethics, social responsibility, qualified professional technical ability and conditions, as well as can be independently engaged in the design and construction in the field of civil engineering, teaching and scientific research and technological development, project management, through continuing education or lifelong learning to increase the knowledge and improve ability for the domestic and foreign related civil services.

The teaching goal can be summarized into following aspects:

(1) To be senior professional engineer and manager. Corresponding to Sichuan University teaching orientation, the graduates from Civil Engineering should have professional skills, abilities and recognition in civil engineering field and to be the core member in the group after 5 years graduation.

(2) Nobel ethics. The graduates should obey professional rules and have responsible consciousness.

(3) Position and social responsibility. The graduates should achieve professional and technical titles after around 5 years graduation.

(4) Qualified professional technical ability. The graduates could independently engage in various technical and management word in civil engineering field after 5 years graduation.

(5) Lifelong learning ability and development. The graduates should have long-term competitiveness, not be eliminated by the society, with the awareness and ability to improve knowledge.

2. Credit System

2.1 Academic Period

The normal undergraduate academic period is 4 years, no longer than 6 years.

2.2 Academic Credits Requirements

The courses include compulsory courses and elective courses. In total, at least 100 credits are required for the graduation. The compulsory credits are essential condition for the graduation.

2.3 Make-up Exam Rules

Only one make-up exam chance for one course. If failed the make-up exam, the retake course is required for the compulsory course.

2.4 Retake Course Rules

Who failed the course and make-up exam needs to retake the course. To retake the course, attending the course and participating the course are required. Then the final score includes the attendance, class performances, midterm exam (if it has) and final exam. If the retake course conflict with the present course timetable, the application for free listen is required to submit to college and course teacher. Then the final score is the result of final exam.

3. Curriculum Program

The 4-years curriculum timetable is seen in Appendix 1.

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