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Sichuan University Libraries are formed after two mergers by libraries of the former Sichuan University (SCU), the former Chengdu University of Science and Technology (CUST) and the former West China University of Medical Science (WCUMS) in Apr. 1994 and Sept. 2000 respectively. The former SCU Library is originated from that of Sichuan Zhong-Xi Xuetang (Sichuan Chinese and Western School) set up in 1896. The former CUST library develops from that of Chengdu Engineering College established after the nation-wide college and department adjustment in 1954. The predecessor of the former WCUMS Library is that of the private Huaxi Xiehe College (West China Coordinated College) created in 1910 by five Christian missionary groups from U.S.A, UK and Canada. The SCU Libraries presently consist of four libraries, including Liberal Arts and Sciences Library, Engineering Library, Medical Library and Jiang’an Library.

Enjoying a long history with a total area of 63,100 square meters the SCU Libraries boast the greatest collection of books in Southwest China, in which the printed collection reaches over 6.09 million volumes.

The Libraries have introduced 165 large-scale Chinese and foreign databases, which can provide 1.94 million books in Chinese, 286,275 books in Foreign Languages, 15,500 journals in Chinese and 14,058 journals in foreign languages to read and download. The total amount of the electronic collections goes beyond 115T.

The Liberal Arts and Sciences Library is located on east Wangjiang Campus of the University and has 16,000 square meters of floor space. The Library attaches great importance to the collection of Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, and also covers subjects on Technology and Engineering. Its collection on Chinese ancient history, Chinese classical literature, classic Chinese philology, history of Chinese language, religion, local literature of Sichuan Province, South Asian study, mathematics, biology and economics are especially notable. The Library holds nearly 300,000 volumes of ancient Chinese thread-bound books,and among which are quite a good deal of block-printed editions of Song and Yuan Dynasty, manuscripts and codices since Tang Dynasty. The Library also has a fairly large amount of publications published during the Anti-Japanese War and before Oct. 1949.

The Engineering Library is located on west Wangjiang Campus of the University and has 13,000 square meters of floor space. Emphasizing on Science and Technology, its collections on energy, material, chemistry, chemical engineering, water conservancy are remarkable, and the most prominent is that on macromolecule materials engineering and leather sciences and engineering.

The Medical Library is located on Huaxi Campus of the University and has 8,800 square meters of floor space. Essentially on Medical Sciences, its collections are noted for its “Biology- Psychology- Social Medicine” Model. The most distinctive is its holdings on dentistry, which occupies extraordinary position in China.

The Jiang’an Library is located on the new campus of the University in Shuangliu County and was completed in 2005. Covering 25,300 square meters of floor space, the Library was designed by Mr. Amred,the prominent Canadian designer. Its torch-like figure is quite modern, symbolizing perpetual fire of wisdom; its key color of light brown appears staid and elegant, reflecting harmonious integration with the surroundings. It provides a reader-oriented integrated service model of “Collection, Loan, Reading and Reference”.

Through adoption of the most advanced technologies, including cluster technology, disc array technology, Fast Ethernet technology, full text information issue and retrieval technology, etc., the Libraries have established an automation platform with mini computer, Unix operation system, Oracle database and large-scale foreign automation management software as its core system.

The Libraries have introduced softwares like ALEPH 500 (18 Version) and METALIB/SFX from EXLIBRIS, an Israel company, and thus realized a united integrated automation management on three Campuses and four libraries. As an open and distributed digital information resources network system, the digital library system is framed by the following key applications: Portal Website System, Integrated Library Automation Management System, Document Service System, Storage and Backup System and Other service systems.

Institutes affiliated with the Libraries

CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System) South West Center

CASHL(China Academic Humanities and Social Sciences Library)South West Center

Sichuan University Central Stack for Liberal Arts of Institutions of Higher Learning under the State Ministry of Education

Sichuan University Information Center for Liberal Arts under the State Ministry of Education

The Scientific and Technological Project Novelty Search granted by the State Ministry of Education

The Medical Project Novelty Search Workstation granted by the Ministry of Public Health CADAL (China-America Digital Academic Library) Sichuan University Digital Resources Center The Secretariat of Library and Information Commission of the Institutions of Higher Learning of Sichuan Province

The Information Center for English Publications of UNESCO

The Southwest Medical Literatures Center under the Ministry of Public Health

The Resource Construction and Sharing Committee of Sichuan Province Library Academy


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The liberal Arts and Sciences Library

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The Medical Library

The JiangAn Library


How to get library card?

The non-degree-program students, including the visiting students, exchange students and the Chinese language program students, shall apply for a canteen card (which is also the E-Card ) please visit Overseas Students Office located at West International Student Dormitory building with student ID card (the paper card).


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