Internet service

Sichuan University provides internet services (including email) to the faculty, staff and students. All the LAN ports inside the campus are automatically connected to the internal network (campus network) of Sichuan University. The wireless network (WIFI) on campus, with a name "SCUNET", is also available.Currently, the charge of campus network is as follows:






Mail Service

Free to open the account and free to   use.

Provide the email address in the form of “***@scu.edu.cn”. 1G   capacity,the document can   be attached to the mail as large as 30M.


Fees of Opening an account for network using

20RMB/per time。(The first time is free to full-time students for   degrees)

Each student with a valid   E-card can apply for an account. Each student ID can only apply for one   account.



Time-limit pert month

Free to open,90 hours/per month.

Charges for extra using is 0.2RMB/per hour.

The free 90hours   of surfing the internet is only accessible to full-time SCU students   registered.


No-time-limit per month

10RMB/per month.


Public network

Time-limit pert month

30RMB/per month with 100hours of surfing the internet.

Charges for extra using is 0.5RMB/per hour.

No-time-limit per month

40RMB/per month


In addition to Sichuan campus network, there are also some telecommunication providers offering wireless network connection (WIFI) in West and East Overseas Students Apartment,such as China Mobile(CMCC-EDU), China Unicom, and China Telecom, etc.  CMCC-EDU charges 30 RMB/month without the time-limit of surfing on internet.

Information management centre contact:

General enquiry(办公室电话): 85414826

Wangjiang campus, Huaxi Campus website maintenance (望江校区,华西校区网络报修电话): 85410000

Wangjiang campus wireless new applicants(望江校区用户开户电话): 85414821

Huaxi campus wireless new applicants(华西校区用户开户电话): 85503509

Jiangan campus wireless new applicants(江安校区用户开户电话): 85995112     



Wangjiang campus Enquiry:

Room 102, Information Management Centre, Third Eastern Teaching Building (beside basketball court), Jiande Northern road, Wangjiang campus.

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