Sports Facilities

Sichuan University is very famous for its equipment of sports facilities, most of which are available to foreign students. It is also very convenient for the students to access these facilities.Just near the West Dorm, many sports facilities are available, including swimming pool, basketball courts, and tennis courts. Near the East Dorm, there are football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts and gyms.


SCU gymnasium locates near the East Dorm. It looked like a blooming flower from the bottom. Under the flower, there are indoor badminton court and basketball court. They open for SCU students and faculties and the public.

Charge standards:

Opening Hours






15 Yuan/h

20 Yuan/h


15 Yuan/h

20 Yuan/h

25 Yuan/h


20 Yuan/h

25 Yuan/h

30 Yuan/h

If you have VIP card:200Yuan for 8hours  500Yuan for 25hours

Reservation phone: (028) 85417730    85471505

Beside the main stadium, there is a playing field opening for public, which includes some runways and a football court. You can do exercise there. They open for whole day and lights will turn on at 19:00, off at 22:00. 

Swimming pool

SCU has provided varieties of sports facilities for students, near School Hospital there is a swimming pool. Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 16:00-19:00 

Friday to Sunday: 15:00-19:00

Afternoon:  students -6 yuan, faculties -8 yuan, public-15 yuan

Evening:   students -12 yuan, faculties -15yuan, public-20 yuan

If you have a swimming certificate, you can enjoy some discounts.



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